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Students & Parents from ABC Language Academy


I passed the matriculation examination this year. And, I joined English Proficiency Classes at ABC and also sat for Cambridge Assessment KET. Besides, I’ve finished IELTS Preparation&Practice in Listening & Speaking. I got a lot of advandages from IELTS class. At first, I was very weak in listening skill. It can be said that among English four skills,it is the most difficult for me. However,now I think my listening skill has become better. And I’m afraid of speaking English as well. But after I’ve done a lot of speaking practices, I can speak well. I also get new experience from new challanges. There are many progresses in my English four skills. Tr. Naychi Aby also trains us to improve my English skill and she also explains what I don’t understand. I’m really satisfied at ABC!
We love ABC!

Su Yi Phyo


I’m Khin Phone Mo from Level 1L. I’m going to graduate soon from Yezin Agricultural University. Before the graduation, I wanted to attend English Proficiency Class. At that time, my sister advised me to join ABC. Before the first day of class, I was afraid very much. But in reality, I attened this class without stress and pressure. Because Tr. Naychi Aby is very brilliant, fantastic & careful. She welcomed us warmly. Moreover I like her teaching style.She teaches us how to speak, how to write, how to read and how to listen. At ABC, we played many games deal with English. Everyday is wonderful and interesting at ABC. We experienced lots of challenges for example, group competition and presentation. Now I’ve finished Level 1 English Profiency Course.I have plan to attend Level 2,3,IELTS and etc. After finishing Level 1, my English skill has quite improved. And I’m not afraid to speak English in front of many people. So, I’d like to suggest everyone who wants to improve English skill especially speaking in front of the people……
Join us and build your confidence!!!

Khin Phone Mo


Last month, I joined LV(1)class at ABC. I’ve experienced new,interesting and useful skills.
Tr. Naychi Aby trained us not only for speaking skills but she also taught us that we should have more confidence in front of the others. so,we tried for group presentation. Lv1 class also includes listening session.After taking Lv(1)class,I have become much more confident .I have also learned many useful things which I never knew before. ABC is one of the best investments of my life. I have a plan to join lv 2/lv 3/IELTS classes at ABC. I’m sure ABC is the best place to improve our English skills. So, join us & build your confidence

Thu Thu Thwin

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